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How am I diagnosed?
Oriental Medical Doctors are considered some of the finest diagnosticians in medical history, using unsurpassed techniques that have been developed over thousands of years. Basic diagnostic techniques include a thorough medical history, visual diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, abdominal palpation and an extensive pulse diagnosis.
A thorough medical history includes details that you have never been asked by your western doctors. Detailed history includes your likes and dislikes, your diet, and your good habits as well as your bad habits. We will take the time to demonstrate how your daily habits affect your balance and health.
Michio Kushi, introduced visual diagnosis to America. We will share with you what it truly means to have bags under your eyes, lines on your forehead or a bright red complexion. Within the teachings of Oriental medicine it has always been important to record visual traits of all patients.
Abdominal palpation can help in early detection of many abnormalities and can show a trained practitioner that improvement is progressing in a patient's condition. If you have ever been told that you are full of it, that person just may be right. Abdominal palpation is used to detect tumors, cysts, and organ hypersensitivity.
There are over 200 basic tongues in Oriental medicine that can show a trained Acupuncturist deep conditions developing within a patients' overall health. Tongue coating, size, color and shape are carefully noted to record progress in a patient's health and vitality.
In Japan, Acupuncturists are sometimes referred to as pulse doctors because we take such detailed notes on one's pulse. We will share with you what it means to have a wiry stomach pulse or a soggy spleen pulse. If you have a deficient, empty kidney pulse we will help you in strengthening it through proper diet, stress management, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.
Many in the West are surprised that our Oriental medical diagnosis concurs accurately one's Western diagnosis and modern medical testing.
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