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How are the herbal formulas unique?
The herbs used in Dr. Kerrigan's clinic are different from those found in local stores. Ours are the highest quality on the market, offering pharmaceutical-grade strength, and therefore should be taken only as directed. They are clearly the strongest and most effective in the world thanks to decades of research for optimal potency. Many people treat herbs lightly as a result of purchasing diluted brands manufactured for marketing purposes only. However, weak herbs of this nature have little or no medicinal value.
Formulas are custom made for each individual condition. If one hundred people came in for shoulder pain, no individual would have the same treatment protocol or formula.
The herbs used are grown on U.S. regulated farms, they do not contain pharmaceuticals or other harmful substances, most are organic. Each custom formula is measured to the milliliter and documented for the next patient follow-up. After tongue and pulse analysis, new herbs may be added or subtracted from the formula so that continual precision is maintained.
Most of our herbal extracts come in 8, 16, or 32 ounce bottles. Treatment duration varies according to the specific condition. Dr. Kerrigan's tinctured herbs are 16 times more potent than granulated or patented medicines and seven times stronger than loose tea decoctions. Being extremely potent, these formulas are very cost-effective when compared to others on the market, and are even more cost-effective when compared with the damaging side effects of most pharmaceutical intervention.
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