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Herbology is the substantial counterpart to the energetic medicine of acupuncture. Many treatments for internal disharmonies or chronic conditions can only truly benefit from the use of herbal formulas. It is the most difficult of all therapies, requiring a mastered knowledge of the herbal pharmacopoeia as well as a proficient understanding of the energetic and physical body.
Having observed the human body for thousands of years, the Oriental method remains holistic, based on the idea that no single part can be understood except in its relationship to its whole. Formulas depend on this core thought to invoke the body to return to its natural state of homeostasis, thus healing even the most difficult and incurable of diseases.
Each herbal formula is created on a single patient basis, focusing on the specific pattern of disharmony. Herbs with empirical use for a condition are combined with others that support the patients differential diagnosis. This ensures proper health of that individual will be attained, thus not only the symptom is addressed but the causative factor is removed. Formulas are taken in the most potent form: liquid extracts.
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